you have entered..... Eggy's world!

Eggy is a contestant in Battle For Dream Island and The Power Of Two! They are quite literally me. They are an agender lesbian, and I refer to them with They/Them pronouns.

Is Eggy hard-boiled or soft-boiled? No one knows. Obviously they are not scrambled or poached. They do crack easily, though, a fact that Book is eager to state. Despite this, Eggy is very confident, which often leads them to pick out flaws in others. According to Eggy, in the past they never spoke much and were much more content. Also, apparently they used to be in an egg. An egg inside of an egg if you will.

Did You Know?: If Eggy suspects that someone isn't paying attention to them, they'll test them by adding "blah blah blah" to their sentence.

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